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Registering a domain name

This image will tell you it is about blogging

First of all, now i am taking you to the second step of blogging.

So,these are basic steps.

However,selecting a domain name depends on the subject of your blog/website.

Thus for registering a domain name, selecting the subject is very crucial.

what do you mean by domain?

So,this means the address of your blogging site on the internet.

It is the URL/ name of the website .

You can learn about this topic from earlier post Domain and web hosting.


.com,.org., .net, .info,.uk etc are TLD or Top Level Domain.

Subdomain comes after the .com extension like in Microsoft play store or Apple store eg.

SLD means second level domains Eg. etc

Which are the five top level domains?

IANA distinguishes in the following manner 1.infrastructure TLD (ARPA)2.Generi TLD (gTLD)3. Restricted Generic TLD (grTLD) 4. Sponsor TLD (sTLD) 5. Country code TLD(ccTLD) 6. Test TLD (tTLD) (Source :Google)

Can two domains have the same domain names with same TLD?


But there was a case in Go daddys faq where a person had .com extension in her domain name.

However, She happened to know another person with same domain name .com .au .

So Godaddys solution was it is possible to have same domain names with extension and a country code appended in one of them .

Hence,in case both the domain is from the same country then it is better for one of the party to purchase both .

Finally,this is a unique case which I read yesterday. So I just recalled and brought it to your knowledge.

From whom do we buy domain names ?

Generally many web hosting firms give free domain registration as part of their web hosting solutions.

HOWEVER, many firms charge separately.

Thus Go daddy charges for domain registration and separately for web hosting.

How to opt for a domain name ?

First of all , it should be short and easy to remember.

Secondly,short domain names are preferred more for Search Engine Optimization.

However getting such names with .com extension is very difficult and costly.

MOST NOTEWORTHY,cheap domain name is much better than costly ones because ultimately the success of a website depends on traffic.

So,it is always better not to opt for already trademarked names like amazon or Samsung or hyphens in domain

is understanding of domain name essential?

1. purchaser 2.launcher of blog or website 3. domain name registration and web hosting services need this knowledge.

Where is it registered ?

Most noteworthy, Domain name is registered in the big data maintained by ICANN.

Further,the IP address allotted for this domain is entered in to a directory called Domain Name Server.

So,when you type the name of your blog site like then both IP address and domain name is retrieved.

How do you select a domain name ?

Finally,selecting it on the basis of keyword is best because it will summarize the subject/business of the blog or website.

Now, For eg. If the broker or agent of real estate open a website it is preferable that he keeps, etc .

So,you can go for cheap or free domain name hosting with web solutions if the hosting company offers.

What to do if the subject of blog or website is not clear?

Since the blog is comprising of varied subjects then your ,your is preferable.

if not i was reading a blog how to start a blog: instructions step by step  

I came to know about a site which coins domain names from alphabets i.e wordoid.

Name some domain generators ?

There is lot of competition for single word domain and hence many generators can guide in this regard.

I am to illustrate a few of the best domain name generators here for your convenience.

DOMAIN WHEEL : Place your keyword and fetch your domain name in seconds.

Nameboy: It is the oldest and popular domain name generator. Place one or two keywords and you get your domain name in seconds.

  • Instant domain search : This prefixes and suffixes your key word and reaches out domain which is available and relates to your keyword. They charge $0.99 + Icann fees for domain name.

Must read best blogging platform

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