microsoft office 365

Microsoft Office 365 Home edition is available with affiliate center. Microsoft office 365 software can be used on 6 devices. This subscription is for one year


Photo Photo photo

Photograph is a image or picture produced by photography. defines photographs as an image of an object,person,scene etc in the form of a print or slide recorded by a camera on photosensitive material or called as photo.

12 sure ways to avoid getting frustrated or depressed

Frustration means an act of being frustrated. According to frustration is an act of dissatisfaction often accompanied by anxiety or depression resulting from unfulfilled needs or unresolved problems.


January is come . thousands of pilgrims will go to Sabarimala means Sabari hills in kerala, to view the makara vilakku. This Makara vilakku is a celestial light which is seen descending from the sky for just two seconds. Some years back there was a dispute regarding this issue. It was felt that some tribals were lighting the bonfire .