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traffic generation-ways to drive traffic to your site

how to drive traffic to your site

Getting more people to see your site means ways to drive traffic to your site. Irrespective whether you have a Physical brick and mortar shop/business or a online business the success depends on no. of people visiting the shop and purchasing the things or on the no. of views made to your site/blog and purchases made.

Now tell me how to invite people to visit your blog/site just like physical business. This invitation is getting more traffic to your site/blog.  Now just  like you open a shop you invite all your relations, friends , colleagues and neighbors etc. to see your shop and you give some presents / discounts to those who visit. Similarly you decide on a day where you are opening your blog/site to all your relatives, friends, colleagues, and neighbors. You can make a greeting card and email it to everyone. you can provide them a link on this card.  Don’t make this occasion casual . Make it special.

How do you make a digital card.

This card should be personal and not general because everyone is unique and important. Human feelings are the most important and beautiful part  of any business.  Secondly you gift something to a person who makes a purchase. Even a thankyou and share card will help.The feeling that the site is going to provide you with some important information and help you to succeed or even the feeling that purchasing from your site means he is doing some charity or help towards the environment or society will make him come to your site often. You know every man is interested in himself and so when you focus on important issues in the society and contribute a part of the income towards it then people will definitely view and make a purchase.This is called Email Marketing.

ARTICLE MARKETING to drive traffic to your site

 You can follow it up with several articles from several books on health , Finance and cookery. This is called Article marketing. What sort of articles can you write is very important. 

Generally people love to read about health issues, nutrition facts, Finance, cookery, recipes for fitness etc. Again you have to personalize and make a make read list of people whom you know under these categories and send them the articles  as per their choice. You can also collect details from strangers by making them fill some questionnaire in your site asking for feed back about your site where they will give their tastes and preferences. you can then follow them on email.

Forums and blogs will help. Social sites also help in knowing a persons tastes and preferences and give them  details of their interest and helps you to promote your business.


To expect people to look at your business ideas when there is so much competition is like searching a needle in the sand. sometimes offline channels like newspaper advertising , pamphlet distribution , banners , circulars etc. helps. Remember it is your business and you are doing it to help others not just to make money.


You tube, Advertisements on AdWords etc. will help a great deal. Now is the era of advertisements. So spending on a ad is not expenditure but an investment.  Promote, promote , promote is the slogan. promote the products, promote the site, promote the links on all platforms available. These are some of the ways to drive traffic to your site.

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