TRENDING NEWS Amritsar tragedy

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Amritsar train tragedy: SIT panel constituted to probe accident separate magisterial inquiry ordered #INDILIVENEWS #INDIANEWS #NATIONALNEWS


It is very sad  for Navratri to end on a sad note in Amritsar Punjab. The people watching the burning of Ravan effigy at Joda Phatak area were killed. They had moved to protect themselves from smoke and fireworks and were watching from the nearby tracks .

Two speedy locals came from opposite directions and because of the smoke the drivers could not see the mob. Those who tried to rescue themselves on this track were caught on the other track. So panic stricken was the situation.See how the accident took place in article Punjab train accident A  few moments of happiness could turn into such a lifetime grief for some families  is totally unexpected.

Black Steam Train on Building


The news that all those dead were stolen off their possessions is totally gruesome. Where are we landing is the question which comes to our heart. It would have certainly been very difficult to identify ,locate the dead and intimate the near and dear ones. In this connection you may read this article hours after Amritsar tragedy .  In this time of grief our heartfelt condolences and prayers to the aggrieved families would definitely  give solace to them . Not only that the bereft  souls who are living hopelessly having lost their near and dear ones require consolation.

A festival when conducted publicly is always done taking into consideration several factors like pollution control, traffic regulations and also measures so that  there is no loss or physical damage to men or property etc. etc. Inspite of all this  when tragedies occur it is alarming.

Come lets pray for the families who have been hurt by this incident that they get all the strength and courage to lead their lives peacefully.

I would certainly like your views and also share your comments or offering of prayers in this blog for the aggrieved families.

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