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I am sundari Balakrishnan living in Mumbai, telling you about the  realty show I happened to see on Sun TV . Since I regularly watch serials on Sun TV and other channels.Thus I liked this concept, so I am sharing with my readers. First of all I have no other commitment or malafide intention in writing about this show on my blog. My only purpose is to share what I liked with my readers so that they can also view this show . I liked the concept approach and the initiative taken by young celebrities, so I am sharing this in my blog.

Every Sunday night 9.30 p.m. on Sun TV, Actor Vishal is conducting a realty show Naam oruvar- Idu oru muyarchi where he is connecting a celebrity with a economically deprived family having some chronic health problems also.

first week episode

I liked the idea because the attitude of the Actor to help the deprived lot. In the first week they showed a family with a handicapped teenage son. This boy had a strange disease and he had to be physically lifted or he was moving on wheel chair. It seems a surgery would correct the situation . To complete the show the celebrity would conduct some task like selling dosas and the money collected would be given to the family.

second week episode

The second week was a family where the ladies and men worked hard for the last 22  years to settle a loan of Rs10000/-. It is surprising in this world of digitization and banking  it is pathetic to see a family suffering this way.

third week episode

The third week it was about a family having 2 blind children. The lady was very upset while telling the condition of her children. Although blindness is very difficult to deal  for it requires help and support from somebody, yet the situations has changed . National association for the blind  i.e. NAB is doing a very good job in helping blind people with education, job etc.

I appreciate the endeavor of such celebrities. Teach a person to fish rather than fishing  should be the motto.

 Follow up of Naam OruvarIdu oru MuyarchiTV SERIAL- charity show

fourth week show

It is very sad to see some of us suffering from variety of problems. We know that every house have their own problems but such families surrounded with problems and no shoulder on which they can rest is a pitiable sight. They are struggling against all odds. It is appreciable they are still making ends meet with whatever available to them or with the skills they know. They are not worried about how much they are going to make,but they are knowing that they can do something to tide out of all problems.

Last week sunday night when this show was aired on Sun TV at 9.30 p.m. I was stunt  to see the family of four. They were middle aged couples with two small children. Imagine somebody is suffering because he is hit by a irresponsible citizen. It was a case of hit and run. The provider of the family is a victim of this incident and his legs have become lifeless. He goes 30km by a cycle the peddle is pressed with his hands to sell samosas and coffee. His hands have got swelling but his two small children and wife are his responsibility.

One celebrity volunteered to help this family and the task was to sell tea and samosas like the person who was providing for the family. Now after this show some have volunteered to give a place for keeping a shop and he can earn remaining in one place. There are too many samaritans. Reaching out to them and helping the deserved lot is the purpose of this show.

fifth week show

Todays show is showing a family where the wife is earning selling sugarcane juice and they have a spastic daughter . It is very pitiable to see the daughter. Really grief sticks on your throat to see the girl and how the mother  is putting up with difficulties to just keep the girl alive. It is really touching and I am sure parents who have disabled or differently abled children will agree it is very miserable to see the girl  and family suffering and offer their prayers .

I appreciate the endeavor of such celebrities. Teach a person to fish rather than fishing  should be the motto.

follow up

In the earlier write up I had  mentioned that he girl was spastic. it appears that  the girl had a fall and because of less growth and under nourishment the twelve year old kruttika had become bed ridden. Even her brother has some eye problem.  Her father turned to drinking to forget the family problems. Her mother is selling vegetables both morning and evening. The father is working as coolie in some company and on daily wages.
In this episode with actress selling sugarcane juice they could collect a decent amount and the family wanted help in establishing a vegetable shop, the celebrities promised to help. It was very touchy to see the girl in the ambulance and the family as a whole.

follow up of TV Serials

This TV show is really improving. They are showing the actual collections made by the celebrity for the family which they are helping. The amounts received from several people or associations are shown, not only that the uptodate status of the families helped are also shown. It really means the family is receiving all help and followup from all quarters. This show is really transparent about the goings on. Not only economically deprived  families with chronic health problems are helped , even families in which somebody’s dream is staggering because of finance and they are really promising to the whole world then they are also helped.

sixth week show

One such case I saw today was Hemamalini a athlete. Her sport i.e. javelin throw equipments was costly for her to get going. This dream of hers to win in olympics Gold medal can come true with this help.  I also appreciate the attitude and grace of celebrities performing certain acts to earn money for this charity,  with great enthusiasm and joy.

I sincerely wish this show all success. I also appreciate Sun TV give Rs2 lacs for each aggrieved family.

I appreciate the endeavor of such celebrities. Teach a person to fish rather than fishing  should be the motto.

 sun naam oruvarTV SERIAL- charity show

seventh week show

celebrity : Aishwarya Rajesh

Task : Selling summer cool. Location : College Sports Ground  She involved in playing cricket and also answering the questions politely and enthusiastically.

Family helped by her : A farmers family living in a remote Vellore district. The farmers daughter Hemamalini was pursuing her college and she was also pursuing her sports. She was a athlete and she  was interested in advanced course in Javelin Throw. the equipments had to be imported and was very costly. The family was receiving Rs40000/- annually and two more children were studying.

The celebrity collected a decent amount with her task. Sun TV also donates Rs2/- lakh for these families. A Samaritan promised to help her by importing these equipments. A celebrity fitness trainer promised to conduct training sessions free. The girl was very confident and very promising.

Referrels : Her trainers sees her as a candidate promising to receive gold in Olympics.

Follow up of earlier shows

The show even show the status of earlier families who have received help. It is nice to see the people who came crying are laughing. The show has made them help themselves by streching their hand and their shoulders to lie upon and cry out the miseries.

Kumaran a blind boy was helped and his treatment is going on in hospitals. Similarly a family who was in debt for more than 22 years for just Rs10000/- was helped and it is nice to see smiles, hope and confidence on their faces of people who have been saved.

I appreciate the endeavor of such celebrities. Teach a person to fish rather than fishing  should be the motto.

 Last Sunday Episode of Sun Naam OruvarTV SERIAL- charity show

Celebrity  : Actor Parthiban

Family helped : Murugan and his wife are  toilet cleaners. Wife has succumbed to infection of some cleaners used. Two children studying. Father i.e. Murugan is doing all odd jobs to manage this family.

Task done by celebrity : Auctioneering of all items used in Films production & direction.

follow up of earlier shows

He managed to collect a decent amount and with donations from some samaritans an amount of Rs6 lacs could be managed. Not only that a house keeping company offered them jobs.

I appreciate the endeavor of such celebrities. Teach a person to fish rather than fishing  should be the motto.





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