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google analytics means how to read the graph and the figures that is  very important to conduct business .

I am sharing information  in my blog ideas for sure about understanding 17 basic  terminologies used in google analytics today. Moreover , Why do you think it is all that important to know about the 17 incredible terminologies of google analytics? Now, google analytics show how to improve site performance after viewing  graph and the figures to conduct business on google. Thus,We know information technology is set out to give information in a principled way. So, The principles or the foundation on which the entire online setup is made and studied for improvement of performance and growth is what google analytics do. Now let it be a blog, store or any website the main criteria is traffic and consumer mentality or behavior is studied to improve the ongoing performance.

how does google search console assist google analytics ?

Also, google search console helps in actually measuring your site’s traffic, performance, fix issue and make your site shine in google analytics. google how to search or searches in google is tracked by google search console. Further in google analytics  how to study the location, behavior of users or unique visitors is very important.

You have all seen many of the terminologies used in google analytics vary in meaning. In google analytics how to know the  contextual implication of these  terminologies is very important. Firstly, You all know google analytics is one such tool which helps in knowing the performance of a website.  Also, You understand that it  helps in knowing the number of visitors, number of views and the behavior of visitors etc. So let us study these terminologies in a question answer format

understanding google analytics terminologies help in knowing performance of your business

views in a blog?

A page view means one single person loading one single web page. If the same person was loading the same page 50 times or 100 times then in google analytics it would register as 50 views or 100 views.

unique page views?

Even if the page is loaded 50 times by the same user it will be counted as only one unique view. However, if the same page is loaded by the same user at different levels of time then the views will be counted. So, this is the best metric to rely.

What is unique visitors google analytics?

Visitors are individuals (unique) people that come and visit your blog. visits is number of page hits your site has received.

difference between views and visitor?

If five people visit your site and view 30 pages then visit is 5 but views are 150. Views are overall viewed but visitors are actual individual count.

google analytics hit?

Every time a page is downloaded from your blog or every time page is accessed it is counted as hit.

What is impression?

An impression is a view or an ad view. This means the number of times the ad is viewed by the visitor or number of times ads are displayed on web page. Impressions is the number of times your content is displayed to the user. A viewer doesn’t have to engage with a post for it to be counted as impression. Impression means the content was delivered to some one’s feed.


Without impressions there is no clicks. Users need to see your ad or content before clicking.

What do you mean by traffic to your site?

Website traffic means the amount of data sent and received by visitors to a website. It does not include traffic initiated by bots

How do you measure traffic to a website?

Even today the most dependent measure for traffic to a website is google analytics.

installing google analytics on your website?

Sign up for a website traffic measuring service i.e. google analytics using your google account.
Then insert you site address on the field meant for the same
You receive a tracking code
Add the tracking code to your webpages.
Look at the reports regularly and make corrections as mentioned to improve performance of your site.

reading google analytics?

Once you have setup the google analytics account
You login to the analytics page using your google account.
Then you see so many graphs don’t worry
In the home you get audience, acquisition, behavior and conversion.
These are indicated on the left side bar
The google analytics home shows users, sessions, bounce rate and session duration

google analytics users?

Users means the number of new and returning people who visit your site during a set period of time. Usually when a person visits your site for the first time a google analytics cookie will be set and a unique identifier will be assigned to them. This will help distinguish a person as a new user. Users mean unique visitors google analytics to your site.

What is google analytics session?

A session in google analytics means group of interactions one user takes within a given timeframe on your website. The default time is 30 minutes. All actions like browsing, downloading etc which the user does before they leave is called session It means the number of visits and user means unique visitors to the site. As per industry standard good average session duration is 2-3 minutes.

google analytics bounce rate?

First of all .Bounce rate is percentage of single page visits. It is the percentage of visits in which user leaves the website without browsing further. Google analytics calculates and report the bounce rate of a webpage and bounce rate of a website. If a user places a query and if the user leaves after interacting with the single webpage then this does not count as bounce rate.
Further, Bounce rate of webpage: total number of bounces on a page (in a given period of time)/total number of entrances on a page (in the same period of time)
Bounce rate on a website = total number of bounces across all pages on a website ( in a given period of time)/total number of entrances across all pages on a website ( in the same period of time)

So,, Bounce rate of a webpage has nothing to do with time spent on that page. It is a powerful metric about the quality of traffic to your site.
If bounce rate is high then it indicates that site entrance pages aren’t relevant to our visitors.
If site entrance pages are not relevant to your visitors it means the site has no commercial value that means no sales no lead and no conversion.

google analytics site entrance?

Google analytics calculates entrance and session differently. Entrances is the number of times a user entered your site through a specific page or set of pages. There ae number of entry points for a visitor to visit a website. For e.g. if a visitor visits through a home page then the entry point is one entrance. Generally, entrances will be equal to number of visits to the website. This metric tells us how may of the site’s visit to a specific page was made were seen in the sessions.
There are three types of entrance entrances
Page/ Landing page: Pages from where the visitors landed/entered the website from external source.
Entrance point: The page a user visited prior to entering the specific campaign funnel.
Entrance page/landing page: refers to the number/percentage of visitors for whom a particular page was the first page during their website visit.

what is Google ana session duration?

There is 30 minutes of inactivity by default. You can adjust this limit so that a session lasts from a few seconds to several hours. It is the fourth most tracked google analytics metric.

average session duration?

Total duration of all sessions (in seconds)/number of sessions in the same timeframe.’

good average session duration?

Good average session duration may be anything over 3 minutes.

difference between new user and returning user?

New visitor coming to your site for the first time is New user. Visitors who have come to your site before are called returning user.

good returning visitors?

30% of the visitors returning is good while 50% is great.

IN blogging tools -1(2) we will go to details such as audiences, acquisitions, behavior etc.

I am determined to study and also place before you the blogging tools which we can use to improve and perform wisely.

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