What are you passionate about?

If somebody asks such a question what are you passionate about?
What will be your answer?
When I was a child or rather a student was I passionate about studies?
Then what?
I myself didn’t know. Years rolled by.
Only one thing I knew was I have to study get good marks because my future is tied to my studies.
When I see my marks, I should not feel ashamed.
not feel like hiding my face behind someone.
feel confident before showing it to others.
and  be ready to take the comments afforded.
So  I felt I had  passion for learning.
Similarly, when I say I have a passion 4 food.
Not varieties but cooking good tasty dishes because I know I have to eat it too.
I will be serving others what I feel tasty isn’t it?
So also, is blogging.
When you know you are the first reader of your blog. Then you know what to write, how to write etc.
You cannot write just because you have to fill this day.
So, whatever you do for yourself is your passion.
Let us see from another angle.
You have a desire to own a car and drive it yourself.
So, owning a car is a desire but driving is a passion.
You learn it. You understand all the nuances because you don’t want to miss on something and end up in an accident.
If an accident takes place who will be the first hit. It’s you.
So, whether you do anything seriously or pastime but when you do because you want a favorable end result then that turns out to be your passion.
The more you do it you get praises and this makes your passion stronger and urges you to repeat so that you feel really excited about doing it say driving, cooking, painting.
The same is the case with blogging.
When a child wrote four words parents and relatives called him  passionate writer.
When he broke four toy cars and used the toy screw driver to repair it everyone cheered him up saying he is passionate for technology or future engineer.
For a newly wedded bride all the relatives appreciate her culinary skills and her cuisines.
This makes her dearer and near to her in-laws.
So also blogging when showered with likes makes you feel at the top of the world.
But in blogging you build your blog around a niche.
Which is the passionate and profitable  niche/topic that fascinates you.
makes you talk more
and you write non stop
let it be anything even if it is you then that is what you are passionate about.

You don’t want to compromise on quality


read more than writing

then write
Feel overawed
Feel the difference
That makes the good post.
We go to work everyday
travel by some vehicle to get there
deal with same account books, files, etc.
make entries and seek boss’s attention
boss appreciate or reprimand
this all work is not passionate with my work
it is routine
Passion is not routine but routine work done with significant improvement
which give you ultimate satisfaction is passion
When you read some posts, you feel the blogger has poured his heart and soul into it
While in some posts lot of information is given without any emotion
In some posts you feel like reading more and more because every word is a spoken word
do you understand

what are you passionate about?


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