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  1. Introduction of Affiliate marketing
  2. What is affiliate marketing?
  3. when was this concept of affiliate marketing introduced ?
  4. How does it differ from Network Marketing?
  5. What does an affiliate do ?
  6. Is Affiliate marketing content about products?
  7. What is the impact of affiliate marketing on buyer?
  8. Conclusion
  9. Thanks


I got several questions from my friends and relations about what is affiliate marketing or internet affiliate programs.

Similarly, they said they know about selling but not about affiliate marketing .

For the convenience of you all I am writing this post. Nowadays we have network marketing, digital marketing etc So how does affiliate marketing differ ?

Reading books on digital marketing is the work of an affilliate
Knowledge is must so read books and articles to gain knowledge

what is affilliate marketing?

Some of you know affiliate marketing or internet affiliate programs is nothing but connecting buyer to seller online. Affilliate marketing can be done by joining some registered marketing companies like commission junction, click bank, share a sale etc or individually promoting products of some companies like Amazon, Blue host etc . Many affiliate marketing companies or individuals do this marketing to earn money. They promote another company’s products or services for a small commission. Anybody can earn passive income with this opportunity. Once do the work in the right way because thereafter affiliates will make money even when they are asleep.

An affiliate is just an intermediary. Affiliate marketing is a business opportunity, internet business or make money now opportunity. Everything is available easily like products, storage, shipping ,replacement, refund, payment gateways, logistics etc. Only promotion of products either with website or without website is the work of an affilliate. so it is called make money now opportunity.

When was this concept of affiliate marketing introduced

The concept of affiliate marketing was started by William joseph Tobin , an American Entrepreneur and Business owner. He was the founder of PC flowers and gifts. It was launched in 1989. He used this concept to promote PC flowers and gifts and made huge amounts of money. His affiliates also made huge amounts of money. source What is affiliate marketing? by Rising star

How does it differ from network marketing?

For the clarification of my readers i am to say that it is different from Network marketing .

In network marketing you get benefits of purchases made by your down lines. Even your purchases are accounted for PV.

Here you shift your marketing and expect downlines to do so.

In affiliate marketing or internet affiliate programs an affilliate earns commission for items purchased by others using his links .

Anybody can also join internet affiliate programs using affiliate link. An affilliate cannot purchase for himself using his own link.

What does an affilliate do

An affiliate builds relationship and shares his experiences of the organisation.

An affiliate marketer promotes and tries to attract potential customers and convince them to buy the products.

Unlike a sales person, he firstly promotes products of several companies at the same time.

Secondly he compares similar products and provides fair and honest reviews enabling the customer to decide in the right direction.

Thirdly attracts the buyer with some offers virtual , physical or monetarily.

Fourthly, he educates the buyer about the products and its use.

Fifthly he gives information taking into account the advantage, disadvantage, pros, cons and also the impact on environment . He takes into account price of the product, brand awareness and also quality.

Generally he purchases the product , analyses and gives its review.

He builds trust in the minds of the people sharing his beliefs.

No doubt he does it for gaining a small price called commission.

The value he adds to the products or market place is much more.

All marketplaces by their honesty, policies of refund, replacement ,pricing, trustworthiness etc have already made their places in customers heart and mind.


Now I am a affilliate of or and Bluehost.

You can click on the links and join me as an associate for free or buy products using my links.

When you buy products from me I earn commission. But when you promote products as an associate and sell you earn commission and I also earn some commission for introducing you. But every company have their own conditions. Read the policies before joining.

Open a blog and market product to others. Alternately you can promote products on social sites.

Don’t purchase for self from your own links.

You can purchase through some other affiliate link or directly logging in not as associate .

Even you can earn some commission from 2nd level sub affiliates.

Generally in affiliate marketing or internet affiliate programs the marketplace keeps cookies for some period say 24 hours to 60 days on buyers Computer.

So the buyer can purchase any time clicking on those cookies.

In case of Amazon the cookie is kept for just 24 hours means the buyer purchase within 24 hours.

Alternately he can bookmark the website and purchase the items later. He can load to cart and buy in a few days.

affilliate marketing ? Is it content about products?



But the cost displayed as MRP on the product is the final price. Cashbacks, discounts are offered on MRP.

Market places also prefer affiliate marketing to advertising.

Affiliate marketing plays an important role in marketing strategy.

This helps both business owner and affiliates.

Business owner earns money through sale while affiliate earns money through commission.

Registering with a company or several companies is the primary role of an affiliate.

Studying the markets, policies of companies, commission structure is the second role of the affiliate. Affiliate id are provided by the company or companies separately after registration.

Selecting the products to promote, writing reviews and displaying the selected product for sale on blog, website or social sites.

Confirming that the product links are embedded with the affiliate id given by the company

Affiliate also researches the product with reference to manufacturer, product pricing, replacement policies, usage details etc.

Customer reviews and personal experience also adds additional flavor.

In affilliate marketing-internet program or internet affiliate programs the publisher writes some valuable content either regarding his niche.

Some trending topic, some story from his life or some information about products can be posted.

These content when shared on emails, social networks, messages, whatsup etc will build confidence about the affilliate in the minds of people.

The affiliate gives his 100% from content research to final sharing of his post and awaits positive response.

When someone buys using his affiliate links either recommended product or product of their choice then he gets a commission.


Ultimately sending the buyer to his linked page on the market place through affiliate’s site and he buying a product is the goal.

He also expects comments about his post to establish relationship built on trust and belief.

The links provided is to monetize his blog post by selling products or enhance the knowledge of the buyer.

the impact of affilliate marketing on buyer?

Useful content making changes in some area of his life is the bonus for purchase made.

The buyer feels happy about the purchase because it is informed decision.

The purchase is made after several comparisons offered by the seller and the affiliate.

The buyer is not a prey to any wily sales talk made by the counter salesman in his own interest .

The customer reads the content given by the affilliate in his blog to engage the readers.

There is interaction between affilliate and reader through comments, email etc.

reviews about the product engulfing all areas like size, quality, brand, usage, reviews of other customers, pros and cons etc. helps the reader to make decision

He clicks on links to products of his choice or recommended products which the affilliate has given details either by use or by knowledge.

A buyer clicks on the product images, banners or text links in the content or on the end of the text.

He lands on marketplace page .

He has to fill up his cart and then signup if he is new.

If he already has an account then he may login and purchase either recommended products or products of his choice.


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