Luck is success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through ones own action. It may be good luck , bad luck or ill luck and this luck applies to a person or group of people. Another definition of luck is purposeless, unpredictable and uncontrollable force that shapes events favourably or unfavourably for an individual group or events that influence ones life.



In a class same teacher, same subjects, same study material, same coaching yet different results. In a house with two brothers one brother is very poor in studies and also very arrogant while the other brother is understanding, good in studies, a doting child to parents etc. Prof. Richard wiseman conducted an experiment why some people get all the luck that is good luck while others never get the break they deserve. He inferred that Luck is completely a matter how we choose to look into our lives. Thus, wiseman felt that attitude of the individual control the thought and behaviour which determines his luck .

quantum law

Neil Levy Head of Neuro ethics say that luck exists as per law of Quantum mechanics without determining the cause. If physical determinism is true then every event that occurs is entirely predictable by someone who knows about the universe or law of physics. If indeterministic is true then such predictability is not possible. No one no matter how much they know can predict every event that happens even in principle.


Something is lucky or unlucky for a person if two things are true.1. It matters to them and 2. it might have not happened easily. Success of sportsman, celebrities or even housewife, The work involves skill, competence, perfection and consistent action. So when we say something might not have happened means the state of affairs before the event occured.


Context sensitivity and relativism is a characteristic of luck in events as well. For example if a person wins a lottery then it is matter of good luck . However if a person meets with accident then it is matter of bad luck or ill luck. Supposing a person misses a flight and takes another flight which crashes then it is bad luck or ill luck. However if one of them escapes damaging his rib cage, he will be lucky.

Positive attitude 

Positive attitude determines luck. Suppose we find something lost and forgotten. Suppose we find money bag on the way we take it without any fear or prejudice.

Game of chance

Some time luck is a matter of probability. Human brain sorts patterns to deal with uncertainties. In a throw of dice there is 57% chance of heads and 43% chance of tails.

In a game of chance placing bets is based on judgement. This judgement is based on past outcome. If a person successively wins he may win the third time also and the reverse is also true. So past outcome determine luck.

Superstitious culture

Good luck charms like lucky stones, lucky ball or some leaf perform better than those people who were told that the stone, ball or leaf was ordinary. The feeling of some other power assisting them empowered them to be lucky. Fengshui, vastu also empowers the person and his belief transforms to good luck. I will tell you a story of a man who saved his son from dying and also made a good fortune. A man’s son was dying . His friend sent him lucky stone to cure his son. The man believed and carried it along with him. It was a pebble from riverbed. His son also believed his father and expected recovery. Thus the boy escaped death. This man collected more pebbles and sold it as lucky stones which made him good fortune.

Lucky people

Luck depends on the anxiety and attitude to a situation at hand which determine the result. People have their confidence raised which acts like Good luck charms


In Christianity and Islam there is nothing called luck . Everything in life say success or failure depends on the will of the individual. However in Hinduism the concept of rebirth exists. It is said every living being has a soul or atma. This soul is circling in the whirlpool of births and rebirth till it attains salvation or Moksha or Mukti. Every action word or thought entails a karma. If we have did any bad deed in this birth or earlier births knowingly or unknowingly then this is bad karma. So also if we receive anything good unexpectedly then it is the fruition of good karmas done in previous birth or this birth. Lord Krishna says in Bhagwat Gita says karma of previous births reflect the fate, destiny or luck of individuals in subsequent births.

Meaning of the verses from Bhagvat gita
“Man is the dispenser of his own destiny. The actions done in a former life are seen to produce fruits in this. The soul is born again with its accumulated load of karma. By performing only virtuous actions it attains to the state of the celestials. a combination of good and bad actions, it acquires the state of human beings. indulgence in sensuality and similar vices, it is born among the lower animals.” (Mahabharata, III. 208.22.30)


Luck can be interpreted in several ways. However it is also synonym of serendipity for some. Just like serendipity cannot be controlled but only influenced so also luck. SO INSTEAD OF DOING THE SAME THING AND EXPECTING DIFFERENT RESULTS WE CHANGE THE ROUTINE, WE WORK IN DIFFERENT ENVIRONMENT, WE MIX THE WORK AND WORK DIFFERENTLY OR AVOID GETTING STUCK UP IN SOME WORK. Thus by looking back on a certain event we connect to causes which made this difference.

Goals,Belief, Visualisation, passion, Workethic TAKING RESPONSIBILITY are the good luck charms

Nowadays books on Personal Development emphasize on setting goal in every area or every action in our life. Goal is nothing but the destination. Although the destination may look faded amidst clouds and mist constantly thinking of this goal visualising this goal will make it happen.


Passion & Work ethic will constitute the good luck charm and our life can be carved with our own hands. WE CAN ALWAYS BE LUCKY.

luck is game of choice and consistent organised effort with passion and not chance. Exercise your choice and take responsibility. what do you think Luck is?


Best of luck.

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