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examples of webservers–benefits thereof-information-ideasforsure

what are the examples of webservers?

First of all, webserver is a computer storing the websites .Further, Webservers connects to internet. Also, a unique address made up of a series of four numbers between 0 and 256 separated by periods for eg provides static content in response to HTTP requests .

Examples of webservers are Apache, IIS, NGINX, light tpd, Sun Java System, Jigsaw server. Other webservers available in the market are costly like Netscape, IBMs WebSphere etc.

Apache HTTP webservers well known examples of webservers

FIRST OF ALL in February 1995 Robert McCool created and developed apache webserver, under the direction of Apache software foundation. A modular architecture in which extra modules are loaded to extend its features is apache Apache with tomcat module to have JSP and J2EE related support. ABOVE ALL it is an open source software and installed on almost all operating systems including Linux, Unix, Windows, Free BSD, Mac OS X and more. So,60% of machines uses Apache webserver.

Apache tomcat webservers is example of webserver

Similarly, Apache tomcat is free and opensource software that can run on several operating system like Linux, Unix, Windows, Mac OS X, Free BSD. It can serve as standalone server.

IIS WEBSERER is example of webserver

This is the third most popular website in the world with market share of top million busiest site upto10.19% behind Apache 41.41% and NGINX at 28.34%. IIS means Internet information server a high performance webserver from Microsoft. Moreover, this webserver runs on windows NT/2000 and NT/2003 platforms and on upcoming windows version also. IIS and operating system integrate tightly . So, it is easy to administer. is suitable for windows but it can run on Linux and mac ox using Mono. But, don’t recommend. Because is likely to become unstable. It is versatile and stable with windows version 10 which is current. You can see welcome page as “Tervetuloa”after installing IIS.

NGINX webservers classic examples of websrvers.

First of all, Igor Sysoev in 2002 developed NGINX with its first public release in 2004, as an answer to the so called C10K problem ,that means How do you design a webserver which can handle10000 concurrent connections. Furthermore,NGINX is second on the list of open source webserver and used in 30% of the machines. Moreover, NGINX relies on asynchronous event driven architecture, to help power its goal of handling massive concurrent sessions. So, it has become very popular webserver among administrators because of its light resource utilization and ability to scale easily. NGINX released under BSD like license used as webserver, proxy server or load balance.

Lighttpd webserver are example of webservers

firstof all ,this released in March 2003.Further ,it currently powers .1% of all websites. Also,it uses event driven architecture and optimized for large number of parallel connection and supports fast CGI and SCGI AUTH, Output Compression, URL rewriting ad many other features. The Light tpd pronounced “Lightly” a free webserver distributed with free BSD operating license. Also,It is fast , secure and consumes less memory. Now,It can run on Linux, windows, Mac OS X. It is popular webserver for catalyst and Ruby on Rails web framework. It is perfect solution for server suffering from load problems.

SUN JAVA SYSTEMS WEBSERVERS are examples of websrvers

Sun Microsystems founded by Vinod Khosla Andy Bechtolsheim, Scott McNealy all Stanford students on February 24,1982.Sun java system a brand used by sun microsystem to market software. The sun Java system superseded the Sun one brand on September 2003.The webserver from Sun Microsystems is suitable for large and Medium websites. The server is free but it is not open source. It supports various language scripts and technologies required for web 2.0. eg Java servlets, JSP, PHP, Python, Perl, ASP, Cold fusion etc,

Jigsaw webservers

jigsaw 9W3C) server comes from world wide consortium. It is open source and started in May 1996.Jigsaw is suitable to all platforms like Linux, windows, macOS etc.Written in Java and can run CGI Scripts PHP programs.

Benefits of webseverss.

  1. In comparison to traditional desktop software webserver is cheaper.
  2. Webserver is the most efficient method to use, maintain and upgrade.
  3. There are several saleable options like one time payment, pay as you go which makes it very cost effective.
  4. Unlimited storage and real time sharing of stored data is possible eg cloud computing, google drive etc.
  5. Webserver helps in easy access to data like google docs , documents, excel sheet, power point presentation etc. anywhere from an internet connection.
  6. Backup and recovery on web server is much simpler than traditional methods.


Having given the types of webserver and benefits of each and their general benefits which server would you choose?

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which webserver would you prefer?

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