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The title I have given for this post as what when & how is very unique . Isn’t it ? But let me tell you how this  topic clicked and really we do not understand the importance of this .

Very recently my son was not very well. My son does not appreciate me speaking about his illness on my blog. So I  will only tell you how these three words are very significant in every phase of our life. I REALIZED THIS FROM THIS SITUATION IN MY LIFE.

What happened was I am showing my son to a doctor for last twenty years without much improvement but the medicines suit him without any side effects. This time even that doctors medicine started showing some side effects like no sleep etc. so I had to decided my course of action. First whether to change the doctor or go ahead with the same doctor  and regulate his medicines. second whether to hospitalize him for which my son was never ready. Third option was to go to a different doctor.

I decided on the third and convinced my son about it. Not sure of the action being taken I decided to continue. I knew the doctor was best in town in that particular field. I went to him with walk in appointment.

The junior doctor took down the details of illness. The doctor noted the symptoms and based on it continued the medicines with little changes.  See the doctor did not label my son but told him that he will treating him for the particular symptoms he is showing. The first deviation from my regular doctor  who had crippled my sons mind with the illness labelled upon him. Wow my son is out of label I said . Carrying that label for almost twenty years I know how my son suffered.

He was reading all the articles covered by that label. Secondly when my son mentioned about the side effects the doctor acknowledged and told him only when the side effects fade he will get the effects and prescribed another sleeping dose to get rid of his sleeplessness which was a side effect. The symptoms were written in common layman’s language and no technical or doctorly terms were used in the entire conversation . lastly mention of dosage and emphasizing the importance really attracted me.

Now you will ask me why this mention in blog .

How does this support your blogging information. This event actually opened my eyes.

I felt if a event can make me understand what impressed me, why not share with entire world.

In any situation or blogging what you should be doing is what, when & How specifies.

  1. Action : Take  proper action at proper time. READ ABOUT BLOGGING , AND ALSO TOPICS ABOUT THE NICHE YOU SELECT.  For reading about blogging I would suggest Christian Mihai Art of blogging because he is motivational and inspirational speaker. Then for tools  and methods of blogging I would edify Neil patels podcast and Harsh Agarwal’s You can also read my, but like you I can be called your senior. FOR EVERY NICHE YOU CAN GET THE LIST OF SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE. SO  BY READING THOSE ARTICLES RESEARCHING AND ANALYSING YOU CAN GET IDEAS AND ALSO ADD UP YOUR IDEAS TO GET A GOOD POST.
  2.  timing : The action to be result oriented  should be taken after all  this research, backup plan,  etc. the timing you start doing should be never too late and you should also follow a schedule of posting, Reading, Posting, commenting, replying to your comments, acknowledging followers, search engine optimization means using proper keywords ,present tense, active voice etc. Social media optimization like forming forums or groups to advertise your blog, making pages, adgroups etc, email optimisation, sending notifications etc . All this is to be done by making a schedule and adhering to timing strictly.
  3.  PROCEDURE : when I TELL PROCEDURE, YOUR STEP BY STEP ACTION PLAN SHOULD BE MADE AND NOTED ON EXCEL SHEET. Everything is important . What blogging tools will you use like Ahrefs, Keyword tool planner, Ubersuggest for keywords for both headlines and subheadings and topic coverage. Topic names, which sites you can refer as outward links, which is your internal link etc. Next Yoast SEO and Grammarly for your topics checking. Then for images canva or unsplash. Then for social medias Facebook, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.  Then  for paid listing Google ads, Facebook ads etc. There are many more Email marketing , auto responders etc. For monetisation affilliate marketing, AdSense, ecommerce etc.
  4.  Simplicity. : You know simplicity in doing anything always attracts everyone. Why because everyone can understand and when you understand you feel like following. You feel trust and confidence. You cannot fake it.  You must be asking me what is ahref, keyword tool planner, ubersuggest, canva, unsplash etc These are all sites. You can go read and know its dos and don’ts.
  5.  Now if you have any clarification you can approach me on sunda10@ideasforsure,com

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Thankyou  god who enabled me to write.

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