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WRITING BLOGPOST? benefits and best niches

Bill gates the former CEO of Microsoft said content is king. Now in a blog we write several posts on a niche we are passionate about. This is a tool for marketing also. The niche and benefits of blogpost is discussed in this post.

Blog post websites is considered a joke and writing a blog post is thought of writing their minds on paper. But that is not the case . The pain of writing after thinking how this will help someone to come out of his sufferings like debt, office drudgery, health problems, useful tips for many important matters is what a blogger thinks. Let me give you details of writing, blogpost topics, blogpost titles etc here . However how I was attracted to writing this blog post can be had from about us .

Before starting on this topic I would like to edify Christian Mihai’s post Art of Blogging and his masterly way of writing giving importance to one point. Next listening to Neil patels podcast helped me. Not only that I also read posts of The Huffington Post and Shout me Reading these posts enabled me to write. many other bloggers their writings their likes inspired me.

First of all, in early days blogpost ideas or weblog contained
journal of daily activities .

2. Above all, Wikipedia defines a blogpost writing as discussion or informational blogpost website published on world wide web.

how is blogpost helpful

3.Nowadays certainly, blog writing format about passionate subject or about interests, hobbies  etc. You write in a subject around a niche.

4. Above all tool for Marketing is blogpost .Also, people call it content marketing strategy .However, Bill gates founder of Microsoft introduced this strategy.He said content is King.

5.Another, Blogpost topics or blogpost ideas also contains text, images, videos, slideshow etc. Finally, the relevance and  significance of blogpost cannot be under estimated.

6.Finally, we call it blogging basics. Forbes says Content is for more than just marketers.

7. As a result, Content marketing informs, educates, entertains and offers utility.

Which are the best niches for writing ?

Certainly there are several niches but the most attractive niches are

  1. Parenting : First of all. this niche gives ample scope for the blogger to write. Furthermore, the blogspot blogger can write about parenting of toddler, children, adolescent or adults. Above all, health, development, growth, education, socialising , products used are several topics in this niche.
  2. Lifestyle: Similarly, Lifestyle include wide range of topics starting with attire, ambience, social circles, fitness etc. Rather, many more topics can be covered in this niche.
  3. Health : A very crucial niche which covers all health issue both physical and dealing with mind.
  4. Career options : In this niche several career prospects their advantages, disadvantages can be discussed,
  5. Pets: Breeding, their hygiene, nutrition, precautions, teaching good habits etc and many more topics.
  6. Investing options : Mutual Funds, Fixed Deposits, Insurance, Equities investment etc the role of Financial Manager etc can be discussed
  7. Personal Development : It is a huge Ocean. Starting with fixing goals in every area of your life where you want to develop and steps to achieve that goal. Believing in oneself, Taking responsibility for failing and working toward success.
  8. making money on the internet : Surveys, Data entry jobs, Free lancing jobs, Medical transcription jobs, Blogs,,, AdSense, Affiliate marketing are some, Woo commerce , selling online and much more is available.
  9. what other subject can you write blogpost
  10. Certainly, there are many more subjects like courses2. teaching studies  3. techniques to write blogpost 4. earn money 5. writing eBooks etc.

10. As a result, you  can speak your hearts out on a blogpost and nowadays it is developing into a Home based business.

What is the difference between website and blogpost website

First of all every establishments/businesses use website/blogs for their web presence. However blog is different from website. Furthermore,Adding new content several times a week is blogs speciality. Hence updating Blog is frequent.

2.Furthermore, blogpost guidelines allow suggestion, comments, likes, subscribe and even sales. Readers can connect and have discussion in social medias.


1.Likewise, blogpost writing is Great SEO Tool. SEO means search engine optimisation. Search Engines like Google , Yahoo, Bing etc like to show fresh content .

2. Furthermore,new content is provided to search engines from BLOGS.

3.Similarly, emails on blogpost website update
customer & Clients .


5.Rather, Tips are provided on blogpost topics.


KNOWLEDGE SHARED through topics and RESPONSE TO COMMENTS ARE common feature in blogpost writing.

7.Finally, Blogs generate income like advertising income, affilliate income etc. Advertising income means paid when someone clicks on ad placed on your blogpost topics. Affiliate income means paid for selling others products.

8.As a result, Blogs are flexible.

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