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You can write Fiction stories on blogs

Blogging is fun. Also blogging is passion or career for some. Blogging is information . This episode you can write fiction stories on blogs

will tell you what blogging is to many.

First of all,Yesterday night I went to sleep at ten.

Also, I heard the buzzing of phone at a distance.

So,I got up and answered. My friend say leela was at the other end.

How people viewed blogging like write fiction stories?

Now, Hai Have not heard from you so far. how are you?

IN reply,I said Yeah. I am busy these days.

Oh, What after retiring? Having a nice rest must be.

Because, leela was still working while i had voluntarily retired so it must be a ……. I thought

Fine, Yeah I am extremely busy because i have started my blog

Oh !”Good Something to give vent to your emotions” she said You can write fiction stories she continued.

I got alarmed . I had no ideas for sure about what she was talking.

But i am doing it seriously.

Pat came the reply yeah seriously you can write fiction stories.

I said I am not talking about bluff I am talking about blog sites on WWW.

She said Okay do it and slammed the phone.

How successful bloggers changed the view that blog is not write fiction stories but a career in itself?

you need not write fiction stories on blogs but fill it with relevant content

Alas, i felt desperate. Now,my racing thoughts were how could she do this? At least, She need not encourage me, nor comment on my blog, nor share but telling me fiction stories. So, i will not leave. Now, let me show. Finally, i will write best blog websites and people will read and find it really useful. Now, I am not going to leave this . Oh!What going to Job from 9 to 5 is great and me blog post is fiction stories. No, No I will not leave. So, What she knows about great bloggers. Let she read posts on any subject she will understand she is talking stupidly. Has she read the blogs from or has she heard Neil patels podcast Also, What she knows about the incomes they receive? So,I will not allow anymore slang words. Really,What guts saying so I turned on my bed to see I was lying on the floor.

I turned my eyes to see the time . it was dawn four o clock. I had no ideas for sure about what was going on in my mind.

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